In My Kitchen: Champagne Gummy Bears

If there’s anything in the world that is better than candy, it’s candy that gets you drunk. Yep, you heard right. This ain’t no vodka gummy worms of your college experience, where you turned 21 and discovered you could buy vodka AND gummy worms at the same time and then soak them in each other. The result was usually just a soggy, mushy mess. The candy would fall apart, the vodka would be WAY too strong, and god forbid you bought sour gummy worms because that shit melted right off.

No, you’re a classy hard-working twenty-something and you still want candy that gets you drunk, but you’d like it to taste better this time around. Enter champagne gummy bears, you classy mothafucka.


Because you’re a classy hard-working twenty-something, you don’t have a lot of time to waste when you get home. That’s why this recipe is ideal – it literally could not be simpler.

Just buy two bags of gummy bears and empty them into a glass Pyrex/casserole dish. Then, pop a bottle of champagne. Taste test it for poison. One more time. Ok, just one more time to be sure. But don’t drink all of it. You’ll need about half a bottle to soak the gummy bears in. You alcoholic.


Pour champagne on top of the gummy bears. I try to mix them together with a wooden spoon just to make sure that every bear is coated. I make sure there’s enough champagne in the dish to completely submerge all the bears, but you don’t need to do overkill this.

Then, cover the dish with saran wrap and place in the fridge. That’s it! Now patiently wait overnight. In the morning, drain the excess champagne (there shouldn’t be much, because these suckers soak up A LOT of the booze) and you’re done!

Champagne gummy bears are ideal because they soak up TONS of alcohol without getting soggy. They still maintain a firm gummy bear texture.


Best yet, they really do get you drunk. I’m a heavyweight and boozy candy has never affected me in the past. These champagne gummy bears, though, give me a pretty good buzz! They’re also great to have around in the morning after a night out on the town. Nothing helps a hangover like a little hair of the dog, but the nausea and headache that comes with said hangover can make having a drink sound like torture. Not to worry – just pop in like 10-15 of these bad boys and the little bit of alcohol will cure your hangover.

Basically this shizz is magic.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think in the comments!

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