Getting Crafty: Painted Birdhouse

I love making homemade gifts! Whether it’s someone’s birthday, or Christmas, or Mother’s/Father’s Day, a homemade gift is infinitely more special than something you can buy in a store.

When I needed a gift for my mom, I browsed around Target. In the dollar section, I found this plain wooden birdhouse for just $3. My mom LOVES birds – loves looking at them, feeding them, etc. So although this birdhouse isn’t practical for use, I figured she would like to put it in her house as decoration.

Birdhouse 1

The rest was easy. I already had paint and paintbrushes on hand from past crafting projects, but you can pick up acrylic paint at any craft store like Michael’s or JoAnn’s. I chose to paint the birdhouse white with purple accents, since purple is my mom’s favorite color.

Birdhouse 2

First I applied the white. I only put one thin coat of paint on because I wanted the original wood to show through a bit – it gives the birdhouse a rustic, country feel. However, if you are painting your birdhouse a wild color then definitely allow time for multiple layers of paint.

Birdhouse 3

Then I painted the rims purple. I did 2 coats of purple for a more vibrant color. I could easily have applied more, but wanted it to be rustic.

Birdhouse 4

And that’s it! I let the birdhouse dry for 2 days and then gave it to my mom, who put it in her family room.

My mom put it on a shelf in her family room!
My mom put it on a shelf in her family room!

You don’t have to paint a birdhouse, though. Michael’s and JoAnn’s are FILLED with little pre-made wooden things, from jewelry boxes to practical items. Just browse around and find something you like, then paint/decorate it to make it your own. You can also apply sequins, pom poms, rhinestones, jewels, stickers, whatever your gift recipient would like – you don’t have to stick to just paint. They’ll just appreciate the time and effort you put into making a handmade gift!


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