H&M White Ballet Flats

The day my sandals broke
The day my sandals broke.

I love my H&M white ballet flats!

One day, I was taking a walk along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica on my lunch break. I thought I’d walk to the pier for exercise and talk to my mom on the phone (multitasking win). As I was walking, it felt like I tripped over something that wouldn’t go away as I kept walking. I looked down and it was half of my shoe that was dragging with me! The bottom sole of my sandal had come UNGLUED from the strappy part of my sandal.

I pulled the sole off and it felt like I was walking on the ground in bare feet – I was also uneven because the other sandal was fine!

Luckily for me, I work right by the 3rd Street Promenade! So I headed on over to H&M, determined to buy the cheapest pair of shoes I could find, regardless of if they matched my outfit or if I would ever wear them again or not.

I found these white ballet flats on sale for $5. They kind of matched my outfit, and were pretty comfortable. I snatched them up immediately.

At first, I thought they were ok for emergency shoes. As I wore them throughout the day, I fell in love with how they looked on my feet, the toe cleavage they give, their comfort and all the compliments I was getting on them!

Throughout the week I ended up wearing them multiple times (something I NEVER do, as I religiously mix up my shoes for variety). Now they’re one of my go-to pairs of shoes!

I’ll definitely be heading back to H&M to pick these up in other colors, especially as the fall collections hit stores.


Disclosure: This post is not associated with H&M in any way. I received no compensation for this post and I paid for my own flats. All opinions are my own.

I wear the flats with solid colors and pearls
I wear the flats with solid colors and pearls


I wear the flats with other classic colors, prints and cuts
I wear the flats with other classic colors, prints and cuts


They seriously go with everything.
They seriously go with everything.


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