In My Kitchen: Halloween Cheese and Cracker Cuts

Are you ready for the easiest last-minute Halloween appetizer recipe?? Get ready for Halloween Cracker Cuts!

Literally all you need is cheese, crackers and some Halloween-themed cookie cutters and you can make this absolutely adorable spread, sure to make your guests think you’re the next Martha Stewart. Never let on how easy it was!

You’ll need:

  • Cheese (I used medium cheddar and pepper jack)
  • Variety of crackers
  • Halloween miniature cookie cutters (I used THESE ones from Amazon)


  1. Slice cheese into slices as thick as you want the cheese cuts to be. Too thin and they can break, but too thick and it will be hard to use the cookie cutter on them.
  2. Once your slices are ready, get out the mini cookie cutters and cut away!
  3. Place cracker cuts in the middle of a party tray and surround with a variety of crackers. Voila!
  4. Don’t throw away all those perfectly good cheese scraps – use them in a recipe or melt them down.

Source: Peas and Carrots

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