In My Kitchen: Strawberry Ghosts

Halloween can’t all be candy and chocolate. It can also be fresh, juicy strawberries? coated in a candy shell!

These strawberry ghosts are easy to make and so adorable.

You’ll need:

  • Strawberries, washed and dried
  • White candy melts
  • Black piping gel


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside.

2. Melt white candy melts according to the directions on the package. Allow to cool slightly before handling.

3. One by one, dip each strawberry into the melted candy melts. Hold from the top green stem part. Swirl to coat strawberry in candy melts.

4. Place on parchment paper and allow to harden.

5. Once dry / hardened, use black piping gel to draw on two eyes. Arrange on a platter and serve!

Source: Woman’s Day?

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