In My Kitchen: Vegetarian Sliders

I love Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets! They’re delicious for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

In the summer months, carnivores like to BBQ outside, they like to eat outside, and they like to BBQ meat and eat it outside. It’s rough out there for a vegetarian cook.

I invented these quick and easy vegetarian sliders to satisfy all types of taste buds at your next backyard BBQ.

  • You’ll need:
    24 Morning Star Farms chicken nuggets (original flavor)
  • 24 King’s Hawaiian rolls
  • A variety of sauces (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ sauce and Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wings sauce).


  1. Using a serrated bread knife, slice each King’s Hawaiian roll in half. Set aside.
  2. Cook Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets in oven according to package instructions. Let cool 5 minutes before assembling”. Place 1 chicken nugget on each Hawaiian roll bottom half. Smear sauce on the top half, and combine. Serve warm.

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