Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Shopping for Mother’s Day is always really hard! What to give the woman who literally carried you around for nine months, birthed you and raised you? And if your mom is like my mom, she’s still in the process of mothering you but has also transitioned to the role of a friend.

If you get Mom something too nice, she’ll yell at you for spending too much money. If you don’t get her something nice or thoughtful enough, it’ll feel like you don’t value her as much as you should. So, you know, no pressure or anything.

That’s why I compiled this handy Mother’s Day Gift Guide! I hope you find something your mother will enjoy, and something that she deserves.

Diary or Journal?
I use this “Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You” journal from Greenroom every day to write down 5 things I’m thankful for. When I have shitty days, my gratitude diary allows me to realize that most days have more good in them than bad. Your mom can use this for whatever she likes, but the pretty design and high-quality paper is great for capturing her brilliant ideas. Plus, Greenroom products are created from recycled and sustainable fibers and use nontoxic soy-based inks!

Jordana Adrienne Fine Jewelry
If you have a little bit more $$$ to spend on Mom, consider some fine jewelry in a classic shape. This gorgeous asymmetrical bar sterling silver necklace from Jordana Adrienne is something Mom is sure to wear forever and ever. It’s still pricey at $200, but man is it stunning! The chain is high-quality, and the fun yet subtle design means it’ll match with anything. Plus, it’ll be a talking piece that’s way different from”I have that same Tiffany’s heart necklace too!” Your mom is unique – shouldn’t her fine jewelry reflect that?

Her favorite celebrity’s book
Whoever her favorite celeb is, from Mindy Kaling to Aziz Ansari, Holly Madison, Amy Schumer, Shonda Rimes or even Hillary Clinton, chances are they have a book out right now. Pick up Mom’s favorite celeb’s tale and wow her with how well you know her.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is one of those things that everyone wants, but doesn’t jump to buy for themselves. For one, it’s not exactly a sexy gift. Second, it’s usually very expensive. Not so with Smile Brilliant. This company lets you make custom molds in the comfort of your own home, and the gels are incredibly effective. The pricing is also super reasonable, and you can get $25 off just by signing up HERE. #DivaOnABudget indeed.

Maybelline 24K Nudes Palette
I know that you don’t want to hear “Mom” and “nudes”┬áin the same sentence, but you gotta listen up. Nude makeup always has been and always will be in style. That’s because it allows you to create a fresh-faced look that highlights your beautiful features and hides your flaws. This eyeshadow palette from Maybelline has a nude shade for every skin tone and for every occasion, from subtle beiges for work to shimmery purple and silver for a night out on the town.

Modadorn scarf
Scarves are the best accessory. You can wear thick scarves in the winter to keep warm, and thin scarves in the summer to jazz up any outfit. You can tie one around the handle of your otherwise plain handbag to accessorize it. You can use it as a belt for an oversize dress, or drape over your swimsuit at the beach. This nautical print scarf from Modadorn is perfect for Mom. The pastel colors, the seashell print, there’s nothing not to love.

Thank You Cards
Everyone needs some notecards in their life. From sending thank-you cards to “thinking of you” cards, it’s only when you reach for that pretty little stationary item that you realize you miss it. These cards from Green Inspired are eco friendly too, so she can make the planet happy while she puts a smile on her recipient’s face.

Home state wine glasses
I’m absolutely obsessed with these “Love” wine glasses. If Mom’s from another state, remind her of her childhood with a personalized stemless wine glass. Is she a native? Get her a set of glasses from your state. Does she have family in several different states? Order one of each so that she can reminisce every time she uses her glass.

Aqua Kiwi Earrings?
If Mom’s style is getting a little stale these days, inspire her to mix it up with fun and trendy jewelry. I love local LA-based jeweler Aqua Kiwi for the latest in jewelry styles. Accessories go in and out so quickly, it can be exhausting and expensive to keep up. Aqua Kiwi always features the latest trends to keep Mom looking funky fresh. Is that what the cool kids are calling it these days?

Algenist moisturizer
There’s nothing that Mom wants to be reminded of less than how she is aging, and that she’s not as young as she used to be (although we know there’s no way she’d trade in a single second of raising you!). However, anti-aging products are super important to keeping our skin young and pure, but these things are pricey. Treat her to my favorite moisturizer brand, Algenist, which uses only natural algae-based formulas and all have anti-aging properties.

Teeth Whitening

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