New Fall Shoes – Photo Shoot

Thanks for my early Christmas present Mom and Dad! There’s nothing like going on an online shoe shopping spree. The shoes at Payless Shoesource are my favorite. The prices are great, the quality is high. I’ve invested in so many expensive heels only to have them wear out as quickly as or faster than my heels from Payless. I hit up the boot and fall shoe sale and here is my loot!

Light brown boots

New shoes - light brown boots 1


New shoes - light brown boots 2


New shoes - light brown boots 3


Pink and orange suede wedges


New Shoes - Pink and orange wedges 1


New Shoes - pink and orange wedges 2


New shoes - pink and orange wedges 3


Maroon Moccasins?

New Shoes - Maroon Moccasins 1


New Shoes - Maroon Moccasins 2


New Shoes - Maroon Moccasins 3


Brown moccasins

New shoes - brown moccasins 1


New shoes - brown moccasins 2


New shoes - brown moccasins 3


Dark brown boots


New shoes - Dark brown boots 1


New shoes - dark brown boots 2


New shoes - dark brown boots 3


Gold glitter flats


New Shoes - Glitter flats 1


New Shoes - Glitter flats 2


New Shoes - Glitter flats 3


Gray moccasins

New Shoes - Gray Moccasins 1


New Shoes - Gray Moccasins 2


New Shoes - Gray Moccasins 3




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