OOTD: Long-Sleeved Dresses are the Perfect Cold-Weather Compromise

Anyone who reads this blog will have figured out by now that I don’t like pants. If I wear pants, it’s because they are either a) leather b) funky or c) thin, or because I am required by some event’s dress code. But that also doesn’t mean I want to freeze my arse off in the cold weather.

The perfect compromise for those chilly days when you just don’t really want to bundle up is long-sleeved dresses. I’m one of those people who as long as their arms are covered and warm, can be warm all over. Even if my legs are exposed. So for me, long-sleeved dresses are the perfect way to dress for the cold.

Blue longsleeved dress 3

I love H&M’s long-sleeved dresses. I know, I know, yet another post praising H&M’s basics collection. It’s just that everything in this collection fits SO WELL. These long-sleeved dresses are only $12.95 each, and although they are not sweaterdresses or very thick, they are also not thin. They are so flattering – from the arms that make your arms look skinny to the curve-hugging fit to the slightly longer length. And they keep you warm! I have this dress in dusty blue and in dark gray but I wish I had one in every color of the rainbow.

Blue Longsleeved dress 2

In honor of it being fall and not quite winter, and because I want to hang on to summer as long as humanly possible, I paired this blue dress with my favorite brown wedges from Target. The color says fall, the style says summer, I’m happy. Last but not least is this gold butterfly necklace that used to be my grandmother’s. She had great taste in jewelry. I love this necklace because it is so long – with big blocks of solid color, like in a long dress, a long necklace can help bring all the proportions together. I also love this necklace because it reminds me of her whenever I wear it.


How do you prepare for the cold without bundling up? Let me know in the comments!

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