OOTD: An American in Paris

Traveling to Paris is so stressful. After all, Paris and Milan are the top “fashion capitals” of the world. Not only do the top couture brands and fashion models gather here, but even ordinary, average women on the street are beyond chic. It’s called French Girl Chic.

Dressing for Paris is also stressful because of the weather. It’s colder there, and humid. It’s a far cry from warm, dry SoCal weather. Even the prettiest dresses require some kind of tights, knee-high boots or outerwear in Paris, which makes designing a cohesive outfit difficult.

In Europe, I basically lived in these black lace-up motorcycle boots, because they are chic but also incredibly comfortable. They’re perfect for walking all day, every day, which is basically Paris in a nutshell.

To match the black Moto boots, though, I had to work with dark-colored clothes. I added this dark floral short-sleeve dress to the mix. Then an intermittent rainstorm forced me to top it all off with a maroon/burgundy vegan leather jacket.

A French Girl would never wear cheap costume jewelry, so it was a Tiffany necklace and bangle all the way. I still felt like a total fraud next to the local French Girls, but I felt like I blended in a bit with this outfit.

Have you been to Paris? What are your go-to Parisian outfits? Let me know in the comments!

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