OOTD: Athleticwear for the Non-Athlete

As anyone who knows me is well aware, I do not exercise. I sit in an office during the day, I enjoy eating burritos and I’ll never turn down a good microbrew. Since I’m only 24 and my metabolism is ok with this, I don’t see the need to kill myself at the gym every day. But recently, athleticwear has become quite trendy for everyday outfits. Some people are going to or from the gym or Runyon, but most people aren’t – they’re running errands, lounging, brunching with friends, etc. Athleticwear isn’t just for the gym anymore!


Athletic 2


Of course, there are yoga pants. This is no big secret, nor is it a new trend. These black yoga pants are from Forever 21. Fun fact: Forever 21 yoga pants have an AMAZING flattering fit, and they cost about 90% less than see-through Lululemon yoga pants.

Athletic 6

The outfit is really completed by this oversize athletic-inspired sweatshirt from Forever 21, though. I saw this top and fell in love. I love the beige color and the rough, textured, unique fabric. I love the zipper in the back. And I love the fact that I thought it was a dress until I had it on and lifted up my arms – oops!

Athletic 5

Since this top is very much not a dress, I threw it on over black yoga pants. I have black knee-high boots that would go well with the black yoga pants, but somehow that seemed too matchy-matchy and dressy for the sheer casualness of this sweatshirt. Instead, I chose these brown knee-high boots from Fashion Rush. The brown compliments the beige sweatshirt and stands out against the black pants.

Athletic 4

Last but not least, I added my favorite silver California state outline necklace from Cents of Style to really cement the LA-yoga pants-did I work out or did I just go to brunch vibe.


Athletic 3


Athletic 1

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