OOTD: Borough Kings Tulle Skirt

I’m LA born, raised & die, and I’ll always be an Angeleno to my core. And I love LA’s cool, casual, colorful style. But there is definitely something to be said for New York fashion. New Yorkers just exude cool. They are always overdressed, with lots of layers, tons of black, bold accessories, etc. They’re not afraid to be over-the-top. Whereas I’m scared to wear anything that makes too big of a statement, New Yorkers can sashay down the street looking like Carrie Bradshaw.

Borough Kings, and their associated merchandise shop, Borough Emporium, seek to bring this New York cool to the masses. Their tagline is”Strong Mind, Strong Willpower and Strong World“. Heading into the online boutique, you’ll see proud New York items, bold graphic tees, bomber jackets and vintage leather skirts.

But what really caught my eye was this gorgeous high-waisted tulle skirt. While the Tutu Tulle Skirt looks like a ballerina costume, the high-waisted tulle skirt looks like something I could actually wear out.

The skirt comes in 4 colors: apricot, light gray, wine red and black. I just loved the way the skirt was styled on the website – the wine red skirt was paired with a long-sleeved black top and black pumps; the black skirt with white t-strap heels and a white long-sleeved shirt; the apricot skirt with crisp white.

But I fell in love with the light gray skirt. I knew that I could make a super-cool outfit out of it, and pretend to be Brooklyn cool.

I paired my skirt with this long-sleeved graphic tee from Dirtee Hollywood, and matte white pumps from Payless Shoesource.

Because the look is edgy, this sterling silver asymmetrical bar necklace from Jordana Adrienne was the perfect icing on the cake. My silver “T” ring is from Tiffany’s.

I definitely felt self-conscious stepping out of the house in such a bold outfit, but after just a few minutes of twirling around in my layers upon layers of gorgeous tulle, I was proud of my fashion choice.

How do you step outside of your style comfort zone? Let me know in the comments!

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