OOTD: Green Shift Dress

A while back, I was shopping for a cute green dress to wear to St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I thought this would be a relatively simple and straight-forward task. However, I forgot that green is NOT a very common color in fashion!

Green shift dress 5

Eventually I came across this green shift dress at Forever 21 and I was elated. This dress is not really my style. I prefer dresses with long sleeves or at the very least short sleeves. And this dress is a little on the longer side too – it goes nearly to my knees.

Green shift dress 4

However, I do love the shape of the dress – tight and figure-flattering, but still completely covered up. No cleavage and no thighs. I figured this would be a very versatile purchase, allowing me to wear it to work events as well as casual events.

Green shift dress 3

The dress is green but a little darker shade of green. To emphasize this, I paired it with this rustic brown watch/key necklace that my mom got me (we are twinsies with this necklace!). The necklace is designed to look old and weathered, and the key is purposely beat up. I love that, and I also really like the clock on it. Although I’m not good at telling time, and although it is rather inconvenient to have to look down your chest to see the time, the clock is a cute touch.

Green shift dress 2

Last were my favorite brown wedges from Target. These wedges are so comfortable. They are cute and dressy (which you need for a longer dress), but the cork sides make them more casual. This outfit could work for a number of different occasions, from brunch with the girls to a date, a family dinner or a work event.

Green shift dress 1

How do you wear green? Is it hard for you to find green clothes too? Let me know in the comments!

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