OOTD: Palm Tree Dress for a Summer Coffee Date

Coffee dates are super fun, especially with guys you don’t know yet. There’s not the commitment of a long dinner, or getting all dressed up, or giving up your Friday or Saturday night. But dressing for them can be tricky! You want to be cute and a little sexy, but not too overdone, and don’t forget it’s the daytime!

Coffee date 7

This palm tree print dress from H&M is perfect for a coffee date (and plenty of other occasions, to be honest!). The cut is so flattering, with the nipped-in waist, flared skirt, conservative length and low-cut neckline (helllooo, “accidental” cleavage). The print is also super seasonal and trendy, so girls will love it, and it absolutely screams “spring” so guys will appreciate it to (most guys are suckers for pretty girls in cute sundresses).

Coffee Date 1

Because the print is so bold, you don’t need many accessories. I opted for the classic Tiffany’s  Return to Tiffany’s heart necklace and that’s all. For shoes, I chose sandals. Sometimes you don’t know exactly how tall a guy is, so this way you won’t accidentally tower over him. I also think most guys are confused by heels, so cute sandals, like these ones from Forever 21, show that you are stylish but not trying too hard.

Coffee date 4
Last but not least, I added this super-versatile cross-body purse from Calvin Klein. I am obsessed with this purse because I can wear it anywhere. I can pair it with black or brown, take it out on the town or use it during the day. It’s also understated, which I love.

Coffee date 2

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  1. You’re too cute, Brit. This dress is on sale for $4 now. I never would have thought to get it without seeing this post.

    Purchased! Thanks!

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