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Last week I attended a week-long event here in Santa Monica called Social Media Week Los Angeles. Now, as you all know from reading my #OOTD posts on the blog, my workplace is very casual. Rompers, strapless dresses, all are fair game. So I always panic when I have to attend a networking event or professional panel, since I don’t have much traditional corporate clothing.

Luckily for me, the PR, digital and social media worlds are all just as casual. For a day when I was attending a few panels during the day and a networking happy hour at night, I threw together this professional-yet-casual-and-fun outfit.

Green buttondown tank, gray skirt 1

The green sheer button-down tank is from Fashion Rush. It is shorter and has a little tie in the front (which shows belly button). Thanks to the awesome high-waisted skirt trend, no one had to know that! The skirt is from a Goodwill trip 5 years ago when I had my first job and ~actually~ nothing to wear. I paired these pieces with my favorite funky white and black pumps from Payless Shoesource. These heels are so fun – they are professional, with their sleek shape and color scheme, but the black tips are just too cool. They are also incredibly comfortable – they come with padding already inside! Last but not least was my favorite J.Crew giraffe necklace.

These shoes are AMAZING
These shoes are AMAZING.

Even though this outfit is still relatively casual, I was pretty much overdressed. I mean, there were girls there in crop tops, shorts and sandals! But for a professional event, I felt like I was dressed well. As much as I love me my crop tops, I would never wear them to a work event, even if everyone else was.

At the event, with the blazer
At the event, with the blazer

At night, I added my favorite cropped white blazer from H&M. It wasn’t cold outside, but I feel like the added layer helped me transition my outfit into the evening. Also, the blazer has shoulder pads, so why WOULDN’T I wear it any chance I get?

All in all, I felt professional, young, fun, comfortable and like my personal style still shone through!

Personal style?
Personal style?

How do you let your personal style show when dressing for work-related events? Let me know in the comments!

Green buttondown tank, gray skirt 2

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