OOTD: Sorry, I Have Plans With My Dog

When I saw this super-soft sweatshirt at Bella Allure Salon & Boutique, I just had to have it!

Sean and I are notorious for not wanting to do things without Marshmallow. And if we do leave Marsh at home with a babysitter, we’re talking the entire time about what Marsh is doing, how he is doing and how much we miss him. I know, it’s sad.

But we love him so much!

This oh-so-soft gray sweater is perfect for – what else? Staying home with your dog. It also lets people know that no, you will not be joining for brunch, dinner, watching the game, shopping or any other activity that day. It’s puppy quality time!

See something you love? Use code DIVA15 for 15% off your order at Bella Allure!

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