OOTD: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I LOVE sports! I even majored in Sports PR in college. However, I’m not a fan of ALL sports. I could watch football all day every day, I love hockey and a good basketball game is always a treat. The summer Olympics are great for the gymnastics, swimming and diving, I love the X Games and water polo is fun to watch in person. However, I just DON’T like baseball. This has always been the case, no matter how hard I try…I just can’t get into it.

But what I DO like is repping LA, beer and figuring out fun ways to make sporty and casual clothes cute and feminine. So when I was asked to put together my ideal gameday outfit to pair with an MLB hat from Fanatics, it was way too hard of an assignment for me. Instead, I put together 4, one for any baseball-related occasion you could find yourself in ;)

I purposely left each outfit plain/un-accessorized, because”the perfect topper would be a Dodgers baseball hat!”My favorite is the New Era LA Dodgers Team Classic 39THIRTY Flex Hat in royal blue for both the classic baseball cap fit and the beautiful color. Royal blue > navy!”


Fanatics Dodgers Hat

OUTFIT 1: Watching at a friend’s house

ball game 15

I love this white crop top from Forever 21 – it literally goes with every bottom. This high-waisted miniskirt from Windsor is the perfect fit – tight and flirty, hits at the right part of your thighs, and is a great color. I also love how the skirt is feminine, but looks super-sporty when paired with these metallic gold shoes from Sperry Topsider (and will look even cuter with a Dodgers hat).

OUTFIT 2: Watching at a bar

ball game 6

You gotta look cute, but wearing a white top to a bar where excited drunk fans can spill beer on you doesn’t sound like a good idea. I usually have better success wearing white on the bottom, as I can dodge out of the way of spilling drinks better this way. This blue crop top from Forever 21 is close to the Dodgers shade of blue. I also love this white high-waisted skirt from Express – it hits at the thinnest part of my waist and is a decent length.


OUTFIT 3: Actually going to the game

ball game 10

I’ve been to one or two baseball games before, and they are LONG. Wear shorts, like these blue cuffed shorts from H&M, so you can put your feet up and re-adjust yourself when you get restless. This white cap-sleeve tee from H&M is a flattering and feminine fit (hello boobs and waist) but is also a little sporty, with its cap sleeves and scooped-out back. Nothing pairs better with a baseball cap than a t-shirt, but it doesn’t mean your only option is an ill-fitting, men’s-sized team shirt.



ball game 1

You don’t have to know anything about baseball to rock this adorable and flirty baseball dress from Party City for your Halloween costume. But you do need to be prepared to both tell and receive cheesy baseball-related puns all night, like “Baby that outfit hits a home run” and “Can I take you back to my home base?? GAG.

Heels from Steve Madden.


What do YOU wear to baseball games? Are you a hat girl, or do you prefer to let your mane fly free?

This post is brought to you by online sportswear company Fanatics? I received no compensation for this post.


All my outfits in one!
All my outfits in one!

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