OOTD: Nautical Tank Top

So I have a real issue with telling black from navy. It’s a real problem. I used to get dressed in the dark so as not to wake up Ramsay, so that was my excuse. But now I get dressed in a well-lit walk-in closet, but I still mix up black and navy, and am out of excuses. I put together the cutest navy and white nautical outfits, and the sleekest black and white outfits, only to find out later that the navy is black and the black is navy.

This outfit is one prime example of me making my classic colorblind mistake. When I purchased this shirt from Fashion Rush, when I planned out this outfit and even when I put it on and wore it out of the house, I was under the impression that it was navy and white striped.

nautical tank blue skirt 2

So I paired it with a tight navy miniskirt from Windsor that I have had for years and years and gotten endless use out of. The white mesh on top is such a cute accent, but makes the top very busy. In addition, the way the shirt flows out makes it hard to tuck into something. Thus, a slim-fitting miniskirt or pencil skirt truly was the way to go.

I was still trying to create a navy nautical outfit, I paired it with white and gold braided sandals from Forever 21 and my silver California state outline necklace from Cents of Style (what’s more nautical/water-focused than California??). Turns out that when I got to work and my boss complimented me on my black top, I had actually made the mistake of mixing my colors up once again.

But because I am stubborn and because this outfit ended up working out well anyway, I am going to continue to call it my “nautical tank top”.

nautical tank blue skirt 3
A comfy flowy fit.

I think it actually looks quite nice with the navy skirt. But in the future, I think I’d use the versatility of its actual black color to mix up my separates. This shirt would look equally as cool with jean shorts, black shorts, a black miniskirt, with dark jeans or even tucked in to a black long skirt. I love the versatility!

Do you make this black/navy mistake too? Are there any colors you mix up? Do they end up in disaster or actually kinda working out? Let me know in the comments!

Cami underneath from Forever 21.


What else can you do about it than dance?
What else can you do about it than dance?

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