OOTD: Tomboy Glam

Unfortunately, I’m getting to be the age where I can’t wear sequin dresses out to bars, and I can’t wear loose glitter on my eyes. But I REFUSE to ever go without shine and sparkle in my life!

Instead, I’ve learned how to tone down the shine and sparkle into everyday outfits that are less 18-year-old-goes-clubbing and more workplace appropriate.

This gold shimmery tank top is from Fashion Rush, a boutique that used to be located in Rancho Cucamonga but has since relocated to the City of Industry. The material is super soft and high-end, with a sheer back and gold clasp in the back.

I paired the tank top with this high-waisted brick red pants from Charlotte Russe. These pants are so figure-flattering – I have them in almost every color! I like the red because the warm color goes well with the warm gold, but also because it’s unexpected. White would be expected, black would make sense but be pretty formal and jeans would just be too casual and look strange.

These baby pink and gold studded ballet flats are also from Fashion Rush. I was worried the soft pink would clash, but it actually fits in quite well, and the gold accents tie the look together.

I kept the focus on the clothes and kept accessories simple, with more warm gold. This gold monogram”B” necklace is from Ettika, as is the gold”Sleep all day, dance all night? bangle.

How do you rock shimmer and shine now that you’re older? Let me know in the comments and remember – Don’t Lose Youth.

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