OOTD: Tropical Fall

Fall doesn’t have to be all neutral colors, dark colors and the occasional jewel tone. In LA, fall weather comes and goes. For example, this past week we experienced a heat wave that gave us 95 – 100 degree days on the coast. And then this weekend, a rain storm with thunder and lightning.
It can be difficult to know how to dress during these turbulent months of October – February. That’s why I prefer to mix together a little bit of summer, a little bit of fall and a lot of whatever the hell I want”.
I purchased this melon-colored v-neck t-shirt from H&M during a “basics” shopping spree. At H&M, they have amazing deals on “basic” everyday items. These shirts are 2 for $10, t-shirt dresses are 2 for $20, and so on. Among the typical white and black v-necks I needed to replenish, I snatched up this fun melon top, figuring I’d find something to pair with it!
As anyone who reads my blog regularly or follows me on Instagram knows, I’m a sucker for orange and melon paired with crisp white.
So for this outfit, I decided to keep with my pattern and pair the top with these crisp white denim capri pants from Fashion Rush. I’m not a pants fan, because I feel like they smother my legs. But capris at least let some ankle-breeze in so they’re better in my book.
I’m also not usually a sandals person, but these strappy white sandals from Payless are so fun. They remind me of what an adult with a put-together job and a nice vacation schedule would wear on some tropical island somewhere. Again, I have an overactive imagination”.
To bring the “fall” element in, I added this pink/orange/white infinity scarf from Target. Target has great, affordable accessories. Of course, this super-thin sheer scarf would be absolutely useless in actual cold weather. But here in LA, it’s a super-cute accessory that feels very appropriate for the season. It also blends together the bright orange and clean white.
The scarf acted as a necklace, so I skipped jewelry for the most part and just added a gold left-hand ring from Forever 21.?

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