OOTD: Working Girl Goes to a Party

In the PR world, and especially in the entertainment PR world, attending parties and events is just part of the job. The entertainment industry is a little bit different than other industries. People wear casual clothes to work, they wear funky outfits at parties and letting creativity and personal style shine through is not frowned upon. While I love not having to wear formal wear/corporate wear to work events, it does open up many options for what to wear to parties!

The key is to look nice and professional but not too buttoned-up or corporate – let your personal style show through without looking like you don’t fit in. It is easier said than done!

Blue Work Party Dress 1

I purchased this blue satiny dress at H&M for the purpose of solving this very tough issue. The cut is perfect. It is tight enough to show my figure while also flowy enough to be professional. There is a little bit of cleavage shown, but the dress is knee-length so it isn’t inappropriate. I love the bright royal blue color – black at night is sooo predictable – but it’s still a dark jewel tone and thus appropriate for nighttime. The zipper adds a fun accent and is a little seductive, but keep it all the way zipped up and you’re far from trashy. Last but not least, the soft satiny material is much dressier than cotton or polyester.

Blue Work Party Dress 3

I paired this dress with a similarly-colored blue bangle, also from H&M. The gold trim on the sides of the bangle break up the solid blue strip, so it compliments the blue dress, not clashes with it.

Lastly, I played up the gold zipper and the gold bangle with these gold snakeskin open-toed heels from bebe. I love these shoes! They have a lower heel, so they’re comfortable and appropriate for many different settings. The snakeskin is fun and shiny, but also a little sparkly. I liked the contrast with the blue and also that I departed from the usual black heels.

Blue Work Party Dress 2


What do you wear to work parties? How do you balance looking fun with being professional? Let me know in the comments!


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