OOTD: Yellow Polka Dot…Maxi Dress

Here is where I want to make a “She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini”┬ájoke, but unfortunately, this yellow polka dot maxi dress is neither itsy, not bitsy, nor teenie, nor weenie, and it is also most definitely not a bikini.

So I’ll spare ya the puns and get right to it.

I absolutely adore the sweet yellow polka dot pattern of this dress. As if that couldn’t get more adorable, it’s got ruffles. And if you’re not already shaking from a sugar overdose, it also has a row of buttons all down the front like an old-fashioned prairie dress.

I’m not a fan of overly sweet apparel, and honestly when I describe this dress it sounds like such a caricature. But when I put it on? It’s actually really pretty and really flattering – feminine without being too saccharine.

To play up the funky pattern and bright yellow color, I paired the dress with these white and floral print pumps. Do they clash a bit? Yes, of course. But the focus of this outfit is definitely more”fun with fashion? and I definitely had fun putting it together!

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