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I am often compared to a Barbie doll, and let me tell you, that is one compliment I never get tired of. I know Barbies often have negative connotations for being somewhat sexist, having unrealistic body types, being conformist, etc. But I think Barbie often embodies our subconscious beauty ideal, and is just super fun – who else gets to have literally hundreds of careers in her lifetime, all while looking absolutely fabulous??

2015-09-02 21.43.45

My most Barbie-esque outfit is definitely this one. It shows off my hourglass figure (thus the Barbie doll reference) and is bright and happy.

2015-09-02 21.43.15

This orange woven crop top was a gift from my friend Courtney, who picked it up while shopping at Nordstrom Rack. She instantly thought of me when she saw it, and it makes sense – it’s absolutely my style! I love wearing orange because it brings out the yellow in my tan complexion (achieved from a bottle, though – try L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer).

2015-09-02 21.42.46

I love bright colors like orange because they look so clean, crisp and polished against stark white. Because this is a crop top, I opted for a high-waisted skirt. And also because this is a crop top, I wanted a bit longer of a skirt for the bottom, so I chose a long pencil skirt. This skirt is from H&M. I originally purchased it for work, but the liner often sticks out past the hemline of the skirt on the bottom – definitely NOT a quality or professional look. So instead, I wear it for nights out on the town.

2015-09-02 21.42.16

Now that I have my neutral white, it’s time for more color. These pink and orange suede wedges from Payless are to die for. They don’t match with many items, but when they do match, boy do I turn out. I love making a statement with my shoes!

2015-09-02 21.41.46

Because the outfit is so bold, I stuck to just a simple gold cuff ring from Gorjana for accessories. I didn’t want to detract from the bright colors and fun cuts of the outfit. And this ring is so dainty and delicate, it’s perfect when dressing up as a Barbie doll.

2015-09-02 21.41.10

What is your most “Barbie” outfit? Let me know in the comments!


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