OOTN: Black and Gray Cutout Dress

I absolutely love the focus on the waist that fashion has had recently. I love that the new crop tops are longer and are paired with high-waisted bottoms, to show the thinnest part of your waist without requiring you to have actual abs. And I love side cutouts, that are super flattering and very sexy but in a markedly subtle way.

Black and gray cutout dress 2

This dress from H&M is my go-to dress when I go out. The tank top section is wide enough to cover bra straps, so you can support your boobs without shoving into an unflattering strapless bra. The skirt skims over my hips and is short to show my legs. The black is classic and goes with everything. The gray is a pretty shade, and is dark but unexpected.

Black and gray cutout dress 3

But the best part is the front knot and the side cutouts. Rather than simply sew the two pieces of the dress together, this is such an incredibly creative way to make a dress! The front knot is super fun and unique. And the cutouts hit at a slim part of the obliques, so you can go out and drink in this dress without worrying about stomach pooch.

Black and gray cutout dress 1

Best of all, this dress is unusual. Although it’s black, and although it’s in a traditional shape, it is still unexpected and fun. It’s a conversation-starter when you’re out and sets you apart in photos.

Heels, Payless Shoesource.

Black and gray cutout dress 5



How do you show off your waist in sexy yet subtle ways? Let me know in the comments! (Those with six-packs need not comment! Haha).


Being silly
Being silly.


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