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If you caught my post last week about online boutique Sexy Vegas Style, I’ve got a treat for you – another dress from the store that is perfect for a Vegas trip or night out on the town! If you didn’t read the post, not to worry, I’ll recap here!

Sexy Vegas Style was founded by two women who love going out, but simply don’t have as much time to do so now that they’ve gotten older and taken on more responsibilities. When they do go out, they want to look cute as hell. But they also know they probably won’t wear that outfit again, and that the chances of having a drink spilled on it at some point throughout the night are high. Enter Sexy Vegas Style: a boutique of beautiful, flattering dresses appropriate for 20-somethings and 30-somethings alike that won’t break the bank.

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I ordered this blue one-shoulder rhinestone dress and I’m in love. The rich royal blue is such a stunning color. I like wearing bright blue because the shade emphasizes my blue eyes and really makes them pop.

2016-05-03 00.08.14

The fit on this dress is so flattering. It’s super-tight, but the ruching makes the material hug your curves, not make you look fat and squished-in like a sausage. That’s important not only for confidence when you’re going out, but also so that you have room in your stomach for food and booze!

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The one-shoulder cut is on-trend right now. All over, we’re seeing one-shoulder tops and dresses, as well as off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. This style shows that you’re trendy. Also, shoulders are so sensual. It’s a great place to show some tan, glowing skin without actually revealing anything.

2016-05-03 00.04.49

The rhinestone detail is the best part. I LOVE sparkles and I always have to remember to tone them down, as sparkles and jewels can be overwhelming. And as you get older, they’re considered tacky and low-class. This dress has just the right amount of sparkle and pizazz to be fun without being tacky. The fact that the jewels are only on the top draw the eye up to the face, where presumably you’ve also got some fun shimmery makeup going on! And then the rest of the dress is dedicated simply to the beautiful blue. It’s a great compromise.

2016-05-03 00.05.38

Since the dress is such a statement piece, I kept shoes and accessories minimal. These nude suede platform heels are from Payless. My right-hand ring is a simple sterling silver double band ring from Tiffany’s. My left-hand ring is a sphinx cat ring from Meowingtons.

2016-05-03 00.06.47

How do you rock sparkles without going overboard? Let me know in the comments!


Disclosure: I received products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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