Shameless Foodie: 800 Degrees

I am an absolute pizza fiend. I love pizza. I could (and sometimes do) eat it every day. I’m very simple in my pizza preferences. I like plain cheese pizza with mozzarella and a good tomato sauce on a nice fluffy crust. I don’t like thin crust or stuffed crust, just an original crust that isn’t too crispy or too doughy.

I love going to 800 Degrees because they produce consistently delicious pizza. Oh, and they give you a whole one and you’re not only expected to eat the entire thing at once, you’re encouraged to. It’s like a personal pizza place that gives you medium pizzas when you order a personal size. Aka heaven.

Chipotle for pizza

800 Degrees is like the Chipotle for pizza because you go down the assembly line and you can choose anything and everything to go on your pie. Of course, all I order is the ordinary margherita pizza, then I add ricotta. Ricotta is the secret to delicious pizza. It seems like it would be weird or gross, and it doesn’t always look the most appetizing when slapped on top of a pizza. But it is a GAME-CHANGER. The added flavor elevates the pizza to a whole different level.

They also have a selection of unique topping options including pesto, bacon, salami, egg, provolone, goat cheese, vegan cheese, heirloom tomatoes, broccolini, capers, butternut squash, arugula and mushrooms.

Put it in my mouth
Put it in my mouth.

You can also order a pre-designed pizza instead of create your own. Add on burrata with ciabatta, salad, broccolini, truffle cheese bread or meatballs too, but I guarantee you’ll regret it, because you will NOT have room in your stomach to enjoy the sides after you devour an entire pizza in one sitting.

Recently, 800 Degrees raised its prices, meaning now I pay $9.14 for just a cheese pizza. The salads and sides are also incredibly expensive, as is their beer (on draft though, win!). It’s not a cheap outing but your taste buds won’t care – once you try it you’ll be back again and again not matter what they charge. #800DegreesCult

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