Shameless Foodie: Benny’s Tacos

Finding decent Mexican food in Santa Monica is harder than it sounds. Sure, we’ve got the usual chains – Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Wahoo’s Fish Taco. But those chains, while quick, easy and affordable, are hardly authentic. Benny’s Tacos on Wilshire is not exactly authentic either, but damn does it satisfy that Mexican food craving like none other.


Benny’s Tacos is this beautiful oasis on highly developed Wilshire. With wrought-iron stairs and an outdoor patio with tables, chairs, murals and bougainvillea, it’s a beautiful place to stop and take a breather. Oh, and they happen to have delicious and cheap food.

When you want a burrito the size of your face, this is where to go. I ordered an ordinary bean and three cheese burrito, which is about $4.50. Then I proceeded to customize the hell out of it. I added rice (only $.075) and ordered it wet, with red sauce and cheese ($2.00). I then sat down, opened my magazine, and began to enjoy a rare lunch break outside.


When my food arrived, it was this monstrosity on a plate with chips and pico. Holy moly. I ate every last bite and thought I was going to die. The level of cheesiness was outrageous. And the red sauce is a great touch.

Benny’s Tacos also serves breakfast all day, because they are heaven. This is an egg white, potato and cheese breakfast burrito, that I consumed on a Tuesday around 1 p.m. Life is good. Oh, and Taco Tuesday is a thing here too.

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