Shameless Foodie: Campini’s Fine Italian Deli & Market

Short of hopping on a plane to Southern Italy, finding a good caprese sandwich is hard to find. That’s why my husband and I were so very excited to discover Campini’s Fine Italian Deli and Market in Temecula.

Located a bit off the beaten path, this deli is worth going out of the way for. They’re almost never open (short hours) and the staff is never pleasant, but god is the food absolutely worth it. We always order the same thing – the caprese panini, but cold, on a sandwich roll instead of hot and pressed.

Delicious, fresh and salty mozzarella, ripe tomatoes and aromatic basil are sandwiched between soft yet slightly crispy bread. My mouth is watering just writing about this sandwich.

The deli also has ready-made pasta salads for purchase, as well as meats, cheeses and crackers right from Italy. Highly recommend for an authentic Italian meal right in the heart of California’s own “Tuscany” wine country.

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