Shameless Foodie: Crush & Brew Temecula

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Shameless Foodie¬†entry about a restaurant that wasn’t located in LA, but this Old Town Temecula gem definitely needs to be mentioned.

Old Town Temecula is a great little downtown center in Temecula, California. When you’re not imbibing or brunching at a winery in Temecula, what is there to do? Well, Old Town is home to tons of cute shops, mom-and-pop retail and delicious food.

Over time, Temecula has gotten super trendy. Bars are hip, restaurants serve LA gastropub food and the young people have noticed.

Crush & Brew?is one such”LA gastropub? restaurant in Old Town Temecula. Upon walking in, I just knew that this would be the place for me. A nice bar surrounds a dining area, that is also home to a lovely outdoor patio. And there was a wait for lunch, which is always a good sign of an in-demand restaurant.

Crush & Brew has a great beer list, which you would expect a restaurant so close to San Diego beer country to have, but sadly isn’t always the case. I loved having IPA options to choose from while waiting for my meal!

Choosing something to order was nearly impossible. Everything on the menu is so fatty and decadent. There’s nothing more delicious than cheesy broccoli, so I knew I HAD to order the Broccoli Mac & Cheese.

But THEN I saw that there is an entire SECTION on the menu dedicated to flavored French fries, and I knew all semblances of a diet were about to go right out the window.

Crush & Brew offers French fries in tantalizing flavors like salt & vinegar, truffle, gorgonzola, salt & pepper, bacon Parmesan, pastrami & cheddar and Creole. With so many options, it was nearly impossible to choose just one flavor. I opted for the salt and vinegar flavor and was not disappointed.

I definitely recommend dining at Crush & Brew next time you’re in the area and are not feeling the winery scene!

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