Shameless Foodie: LAGO by Julian Serrano

On a recent trip to my absolute favorite foodie destination, Vegas, my boyfriend planned a romantic dinner at LAGO by Julian Serrano. This small plate-based Italian restaurant features a stunning view of the Bellagio fountains no matter where you are (thanks to floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows), but we had a table right on the fountains.

After ordering up a bottle of Moet and Chandon (Happy Friday!), we started in on the menu. I love Italian food because there are always tons of vegetarian options.

However, Italian food can also get super repetitive. When we saw the focaccia all ricotta e Miele, we had to order it. This focaccia toast is covered with ricotta cheese and honey, a strange combination but delicious nevertheless. We weren’t really sure why this was on the appetizer menu – it was so sweet that it would have made a better dessert (or a dinner of like 5 of these orders).

There is even a special vegetarian pasta and vegetarian side menu! I ended up ordering the pappardelle al sugo bugiardo (ribbon-shaped pasta with vegetable ragu) but it was hard to decide among this and the gnocchi all romana, risotto al vino Rosso or linguine al pesto.

I’d eat here again simply for the views, but the food was a reason in itself to go back.

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