Shameless Foodie: Lucky Penny Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is an amazing place to spend a weekend. What could be better than sleeping in on a Sunday morning, taking a leisurely stroll along Cabrillo Blvd. with a gorgeous view of the ocean on one side and kids playing in parks on the other side and then ending up at a winery or brewery for brunch?

Lucky Penny is a small pizzeria/cafe/coffeehouse in the heart of Boozy Brunch territory. Its neighbors are Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, Orena Winery, The Lark, Corks n Crowns, DV8 Cellars, Kurin Wines, Municipal Winemakers and more. Nearby restaurants include my favorite tapas place Loquita, Mony’s Mexican food and Rusty’s Pizza Parlor. You’re seriously in taste bud heaven (and liver hell).

I took my boyfriend on a weekend trip to Santa Barbara for his birthday. On a Sunday morning after a fun late night on State Street, we wandered Anacapa Street to Lucky Penny, where we each enjoyed a large wood-fired pizza, homemade potato chips, burrata and some fros?.

Around us were young couples with dogs, moms with young daughters and groups of young friends. I love the Santa Barbara atmosphere where this calm, chill, delicious activity is all part of a typical Sunday.

What are your favorite things to do in Santa Barbara? Let me know in the comments!

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