Shameless Foodie: SEA180 Coastal Tavern

If there’s anything better than delicious food, it’s delicious food with a view.

My boyfriend and I stayed in the Pier South Report in Imperial Beach (San Diego) recently for a wedding. Hungry, we ventured downstairs to discover that the hotel had a restaurant right on the beach!

SEA180 Coastal Tavern is part of Cohn Restaurant Group, which is family-owned and operated (yay!). It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour to hotel guests and to the public.

We ate here for several meals, because it’s just so convenient. It wasn’t very crowded, so we got seats right by the glass barrier that separates you from the sand. It’s the only thing between you and the kite flyers, beachgoers and surfers in the water, and you have a view of the pier to the left.

We loved the roasted garlic hummus, served with wood-fired flatbread, feta, baby bell peppers and cilantro. The hummus was so good that we needed extra pita to finish it!

The restaurant serves crowd-pleasers like this margarita flatbread with Roma tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese, and a classic Caesar salad.

Imperial Beach is still a sleepy little town, and I’d say SEA180 is one of the highlights. Definitely recommend dining here when you’re in south San Diego!

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