A+ Accessories: Kendra Scott Brennan Rings

I keep seeing everyone’s beautiful Kendra Scott jewelry on Instagram, and I’ve been so jealous. Finally, my Rocksbox stylist decided to grace me with a beautiful Kendra Scott ring!

Best mail days!
Best mail days!

The Brennan ring set comes with one regular-sized ring and two midi rings. The style is called”silver platinum drusy”. I love how funky the rings are. The arrow shapes, as well as the fact that they’re cuff rings (they go all the way around the finger but have a gap in the middle) are really cool and unique. There are even jewels.

2015-11-09 18.16.28

I loved wearing the main ring around – it makes a big statement and goes with so many different outfits and colors. However, I wasn’t such a fan of the midi rings. For starters, applying the same bold style to small midi rings just doesn’t work. I felt like they were way over the top. And because they were so big and over the top, they were really uncomfortable to wear. I couldn’t put my fingers together because the rings were in the way! I think the design of the midi rings needs to be rethought.

2015-11-09 18.17.52

I wore this ring with anything and everything. I paired it with these black glittery leather pants from H&M to emphasize the rockstar quality of the ring.

2015-10-16 01.02.44

Here it is with classy quilted black and nude flats from Payless, a black button down from Fashion Rush, a black skirt from Express and a beautiful black and brown purse from Steve Madden.

2015-11-09 18.17.22

And here it is with a simple manicure! I loved the versatility of the ring. The only problem is that it turned my finger green. For $70 (or $56 if you’re a Rocksbox member), I would expect sterling silver or at least a thicker-plated band that didn’t turn my finger green like a ring from Claire’s.

2015-10-16 01.00.54

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