A+ Accessories: Tempus Wood Watches

Wooden watches are all the rage right now. The laid-back, natural style is popular for matching with everything and looking super cool and bespoke. With so many models on the market, it’s important to do your research and find a watch that speaks to you!

I love Tempus Wood Watches for several reasons.

1) The Elenor Rose Gold watch is 100% my style. The watch face is small and simple, with an understated design. The rose gold sandalwood color is beautiful and matches with so many things. And the gold numbers are chic and high-end.

2) Tempus is an eco-friendly company! Rather than cut down trees for their own personal gain, the watch company uses reclaimed wood from all over the world. This wood would otherwise have been wasted, but instead it is reborn into beautiful, organic, biodegradable timepieces.

3) The origin story is too cool – the founder got the idea for Tempus from a wooden bracelet he purchased in Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam, from a craftsman affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. As our world becomes increasingly connected, it’s so cool to work other cultures? styles into our everyday lives.

Most wood watches bother me for how big the watch faces are. With a slim wrist, I look so silly in large watches that overpower me (and my outfits). The Elenor rose gold watch, on the other hand, fits me perfectly and enhances, not overpowers, my outfits.

Have you found your perfect wooden watch yet? Let me know in the comments!

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