OOTN: It’s All in the Details

Readers of my blog know that I love to build my outfits by starting with plain, solid-colored items and then accessorizing the hell out of them.

On a recent last-minute emergency “I’m fat and nothing fits me” trip to Macy’s, I found this gorgeous black and sequin flowy dress. It’s absolutely perfect, and let me count the reasons why.

1) It’s a LBD. Duh.
2) I love long-sleeved dresses because I hate my arms.
3) The flowy fabric is gorgeous, comfortable and perfect for nighttime
4) The cutout sleeve details are SO on-trend right now.
5) The gold sequin shoulder details add a young, fun vibe to an otherwise plain dress
6) It works for so many occasions!

Basically it was a last-minute purchase that will end up becoming a staple of my wardrobe. Sometimes fashion just works out that way!

Because the gold sequin shoulder details are so awesome, I didn’t want to detract from them. I added this short gold monogram “B” necklace from Ettika because the neckline looks too plain without a necklace, but longer or more involved necklaces totally clashed with the sequins.

The sleeves are long and solid black, so a gold bangle, like this “Sleep All Day, Party All Night” bangle from Ettika help break up the monotony.

These black suede pumps are from Payless, and are my new obsession. Basically I am buying them in any and every color because I have never found a pair of pumps that are so comfortable and do not destroy my heels. I highly recommend you buy yourself a pair or ten, but only after I’ve hoarded all the size 8s.

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