A+ Accessory: Betsey Johnson Purse

I’ve always loved designer Betsey Johnson, for multiple reasons. First of all, her punk-rock yet girly style is fun and unique. Second, the prices on her goods are amazing. While nowhere near Forever 21-cheap, Betsey Johnson is a totally attainable brand for a working 20-something in LA. And accessible fashion is my favorite kind of fashion.

Last week, I went to Macy’s with my mom as she was searching for a new purse. I didn’t have the preconceived goal to buy a purse myself, but I was passively on the lookout for a new summer going-out purse that could be taken to pool parties and the beach and not get ruined. My current black and brown crossbody Calvin Klein is still in great shape – I’ve been working hard to keep it in great shape – and I don’t want the permeable leather to get ruined with drops of water from heavily chlorinated pools or the ocean.


I was looking at similar Calvin Klein purses, in canvas, in summery shades of pink and orange, the usual style with a small twist. Then I saw a fellow shopper who had picked up an amazing purse. The handbag instantly grabbed my attention as I tried to read the writing on it. Because the purse was so cute and funky, and unlike anything else at Macy’s at the time, I assumed this lucky shopper had found the purse as a one-off in the clearance bin and went about my day.


As my mom shopped, I wandered off to the Betsey Johnson section of the handbag department and, praise Darwin – I discovered an entire wall of these purses! Picking one up and reading the incredibly low price tag of $65, non-sale, I put down all my other options and proceeded to the checkout.


This purse is my favorite item I have purchased in quite some time. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s large enough to take out my possessions but small enough to be a going-out bag. Its pebbled leather means it can get wet and I can either dry it off or Lysol wipe it to clean the dirt away. There’s no delicate leather on the strap – it’s a gold chain – so I don’t have to worry about taking it to the beach. The zipper is a Betsey Johnson heart, and the chain even has a randomly placed Betsey Johnson gold heart on it, a funky and weird detail I just adore.


But of course, the design is the most beautiful and attention-grabbing part. The purse is designed to look like an envelope, with”Betsey Johnson, 1978 Lover’s Lane, NYC” as the “to” address and a cute NY Air Mail stamp as the return label. The gold “stamp” and heart “postmark” are adorable details. The back adds a cute touch of being “SWAK” a.k.a “.Sealed with a Kiss”.


The liner is Betsey’s signature pink-and-rose print, not my favorite pattern, but it’s totally signature and draws her brand together in a cohesive way.


Although this purse is bold, it’s small and white, so it pretty much goes with anything and everything. I pair it with bold print outfits, but I also love how much it stands out against plain outfits, such as with this white Fashion Rush blouse and high-waisted Forever 21 jeans.

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