A+ Accessory: Perry Street Abby Necklace

If you saw my post on the Perry Street Bethany’statement necklace I received in my 3rd Rocksbox set, you’ll know that I was/still am wary of big, bold jewelry. So when this Perry Street Abby necklace arrived in my 4th Rocksbox set, I worried it was pushing my boundaries a bit. After all, the thing weighs like 5 pounds!

But trying it on, I felt like a million dollars. This necklace is a bit expensive ($76 regularly, $60 for Rocksbox members), but that seems to be because the quality of the materials is so high. The heavy gold chain, the perfectly cut shiny stones, the pure weight and heft of it, I feel kinda like a rapper with mah chainz (kinda).

2015-07-16 12.44.04

The most surprising thing about this necklace is that I’ve been able to wear it with anything and everything!

Here I am wearing it with a simple black t-shirt:

2015-07-16 12.44.35

With a navy cotton dress at a Dodger’s evening game:

2015-07-16 12.42.40

At a wine and paint night with a black strapless dress:

2015-07-16 12.43.16

At a fancy birthday dinner at SUR:

2015-07-15 00.07.35

And at a night on the town at Bagatelle in West Hollywood!

2015-07-10 23.51.55

Literally every occasion, from work to play and everything in between, is appropriate for this necklace. You can accessorize a simple and casual outfit to give it that extra oomph, and you can dress up an already formal outfit for that finishing touch.

I will definitely be purchasing this necklace as I simply cannot bear to send it back to Rocksbox!

Disclosure: I received 3 months free of Rocksbox. I received no other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.


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