Best of Beauty: L’Oreal EverFresh

It’s winter, meaning our skin and hair are drier than ever. On your scalp, this means itchy, flaky dandruff. There’s just nothing sexier than those big white flakes on your pretty black blouse NOT.

My scalp is sooo dry (as is my hair). Combine that with the cold weather and buildup from products like voluminizing mousse and hairspray, and my scalp could use some TLC.

So I was stoked to try L’Oreal’s new EverFresh line of haircare products. The Ever line is sulfate free and each product serves a purpose, from moisturizing to helping curls thrive.

The EverFresh line is designed for a healthy scalp.

First up is the EverFresh Microdermabrasion scrub. When I opened this tub, I was super confused. I have lots of these tubs “that all say microdermabrasion on them” and they’re all for my face. What is this funky hair thing???

It turns out that, much like apricot seed works to exfoliate your skin and clean out your pores, apricot seed can also work to clean up your scalp and make you feel super clean and fresh. I was blown away by how effective this scrub was. I use it after particularly product-heavy weekends, like when I’ll be traveling out of the country and want to curl my hair once and not worry about it again. The scrub quickly and easily removes all the product buildup and leaves me feeling refreshed.

Next in the shower routine is the EverFresh antidandruff shampoo. This shampoo contains Indian lilac and other natural botanicals. Once I saw it was easy on color, I gave it a try. It’s super effective and not harsh on my hair. With other antidandruff shampoos, I often feel like my hair suffers at the expense of having a squeaky clean scalp. With EverFresh, I was able to treat my dry, itchy scalp and still leave the shower with soft hair.

Finally is the EverFresh conditioner. I’m super picky about conditioner and I only use the same ones. In fact, I don’t even use conditioner – I use hair masks instead of conditioner. I buy the L’Oreal masks that normal people use like, once or twice a month, and I use them every time I wash my hair in place of conditioner. That’s seriously how dry and damaged my hair is. Any normal conditioner usually leaves my hair dry and limp and sad.

That’s why I was so shocked when I left the shower with soft, moisturized hair and non-fried ends after using EverFresh balancing conditioner! I haven’t experienced this with any other normal conditioner and I’m stoked.

If you have a dry, itchy scalp, or dandruff, or tend to use lots of styling products, definitely give EverFresh a try to clean up your scalp without damaging your hair.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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