Current Obsession: Cotton On Fur Vest

Although it’s still 85 degrees here at the beach in Santa Monica, I just can’t wait any longer to wear my amazing Cotton On fur vest. So I’ve been combining it with practically everything I own and I’ve officially deemed it my Favorite Item.

Fur Vest gray dress 1

I am OBSESSED with this faux fur vest. The beautiful cream color goes with everything, including gray, black and red. The “fur” is so soft, I feel like an animal. I could literally sit and pet myself all day long. The satin liner is nice and comfy against my body. And there are POCKETS!!!

Fur vest gray dress 3

So basically it’s the perfect outerwear, especially for SoCal – it is rarely cold enough to require a jacket, and a jacket or fur jacket would be overkill. A fur vest, though, is perfect because it can keep your arms free and it’s easy to take off when it gets too warm.

Gray suede boots

I combined the fur vest with this gray t-shirt dress from H&M and these gray suede ankle booties from Payless for a day at work. As you can see, even though the dress isn’t long-sleeved, it still works with the vest. AND I kept cool all day. #SoCalWinter.

Fur vest maroon blouse black liquid leather leggings


Necklace from J.Crew

For happy hour with a friend who is moving away, I paired the fur vest with this flowy maroon blouse from Fashion Rush (maroon truly is the color of the season), black liquid leather leggings from H&M and these awesome black and white colorblock pumps from Payless. I felt SO”fall, although I did really overheat in the bar and needed to remove my vest. #Bummer.


I’ve also worn this vest out when I legitimately thought it was going to be cold (spoiler alert – it wasn’t). I paired the vest with this thick black long-sleeved sweaterdress from H&M and black suede ankle booties from Payless (the exact same boots as the gray ones from outfit #1!). The Tiffany’s heart charm necklace sealed the “LA Girl in Winter” look. And I drastically overheated but felt adorable.


It’s another 80-degree week here in LA, so yet again I’ll be waiting on my vest. But as soon as the weather cools down (if it ever cools down), expect to see a dozen new outfit creations with my beloved fur vest!

Fur vest gray dress 4


Fur vest gray dress 2


Fur vest gray dress 5

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