OOTD: Green IS a Color in Fashion

I feel like green is such an underutilized color in fashion. In stores, green is usually only seen during the fall, and in dull, matte colors such as olive green and “military” green. Looking through my own closet (which is sorted by color, duh), the green section is totally underwhelming.

Green H&M strappy dress 2

I purchased this H&M dress years ago for St. Patrick’s Day, and for a long time I continued to think of it only as a holiday outfit. Then I realized – there is nothing about this dress that says”St. Patrick’s Day, or any other occasion for that matter. It’s a soft, well-cut, figure-flattering dress in a pretty color, just like any of my other dresses.

So I started to actually wear it!

Green H&M strappy dress 3

I love the bright, vibrant green color of this dress. I decided it would pair best with other warm accessories, so I chose gold.

Since the delicate spaghetti straps of the dress evoke the feeling of “dainty” to me, I chose to wear other “dainty” accessories. I love these beige sandals from Payless – the small gold bow detail is just too adorable! I topped this outfit off with a small gold giraffe necklace from J. Crew. I love that the entire outfit turned out understated, yet really pretty.

Green H&M strappy dress 1
How do you feel about wearing green? Does it work its way into your daily wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!

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