Current Obsession: Paper Epiphanies Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are SO BORING. How many times have you freaked out, because you realized you need a card for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, new coworker, new baby, etc”. How long did you spend reading through incredibly mushy and cheesy cards that didn’t fit your situation at all? How much money did you spend on a subpar Hallmark card that you despised, and that the person opened, read and promptly threw away?

A few years ago, I stopped buying greeting cards altogether, except for the few family members who I know still appreciate them (mostly the older ones). When it’s a friend’s birthday, or a coworker’s celebration, I either spend a ton of time making a card from scratch (thoughtful but way too time consuming) or skip the card altogether.

So when I came across the Paper Epiphanies booth at a Junior League of Los Angeles shopping event, I barely looked twice until my friend stopped to chat with the owner/creator. While I waited, I browsed through the cards on display and was pleasantly surprised how cute/funny/snarky they were! Not only are the cards hand-letterpressed, but they’re incredibly funny and young. No mush here, just snark and sarcasm dripping from the pages.

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When one of my best friends, who lives in Washington, simultaneously graduated from college and bought a house with her boyfriend, it was time to do the dreaded card shopping ritual. This time, though, I went straight to Paper Epiphanies’ website.


For Jamie’s graduation, I picked out this simple card that says “Being a Badass is Exhausting”. I knew she would love it and that it would be appropriate for how hard she worked to earn her degree. For Jamie and Chris’s housewarming, that I of course couldn’t attend since it was in Washington, I chose this “So Fucking Stoked For You” card. Both of these cards are blank, so I was able to expound upon my love for them inside.


While shopping, I remembered that my best friend’s birthday was in a month. Sarah received this card that reads”Happy birthday to my partner in crime. My bestie. My soul-sister. My ride or die. Happy birthday to the one I don’t have to dress up for. Happy birthday to the one who lies about my past for me. Happy birthday to the one who judges everyone else, but never me. I fucking love you!”


The cards are a little pricey, but not when you compare them to a Hallmark card. Would you rather buy a hand-pressed card that’s funny and unique for $5.95, or a generic card at Target for $4.95? The shipping is not too expensive, and the cards arrived right away in a beautiful box. I even got this lovely hand-written note from the company thanking me for my order! It was such an unexpected and adorable touch.


I’ll never buy another Hallmark/Target/Ralphs/American Greeting card again!


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