Fun Weekend Ideas Friday: Knott’s Scary Farm

I LOVE Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday of the year. And so every year I celebrate all October long. I mean, why limit it to just one night???

Luckily, LA gets the Halloween spirit early on too. There are always plenty of spooky activities throughout the month. So for October, I’ll be dedicating all my Fun Weekend Ideas Friday posts to Halloween-themed ideas.

First up is Knott’s Scary Farm! Knott’s Scary Farm is a SoCal tradition. Each year, Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into a haunted wonderland of mazes, monsters, fog and fright. The amusement park is divided into four Scare Zones: Carnevil, full of angry clowns; Fiesta de los Muertos, more a party than anything; Ghost Town and Gypsy Camp.

We met a monster who let us help him scare others!
We met a monster who let us help him scare others!

Of course, you’re not safe when walking between any of these zones either. Hundreds of “monsters” roam the park in convincing costumes, stage makeup, wigs and masks whose entire job is to scare you! Literally, their job is to pick out people who AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION AKA ON THEIR PHONES, scared-looking girls, etc. and scare the living daylights out of them. I love going to Knott’s Scary Farm with my girlfriends, as pretty girls travelling together tend to get picked on the most – and that’s all the fun! ;)

What you are mainly doing at Knott’s Scary Farm is going through haunted mazes. These mazes are build stand-alone with wood, tarp and hedges or are even built through rides, which is pretty innovative. This year, mazes include:

  • Forevermore – An Edgar Allen Poe-themed maze. This was my FAVORITE maze last year, since Poe is one of my favorite authors. You’ll see scenes from The Raven, Masque of the Red Death, The Tell-Tale Heart and the Pit and the Pendulum.
  • Black Magic – Houdini
  • Dominion of the Damned – vampires
  • Pinocchio Unstrung – murderous marionettes
  • Gunslinger’s Grave – Western
  • The Tooth Fairy – fairy gone wrong
  • Trick or Treat – witch’s house
  • VooDoo – zombies in New Orleans


Spooky decorations
Spooky decorations

There are also shows, such as “The Hanging Elvira’s Big Top” and “Boo-Fet” but I always find these far more cheesy than entertaining.

While you’re at Knott’s Scary Farm, you’re also allowed on the Knott’s Berry Farm rides! Ghostrider, Boomerang, Jaguar, Silver Bullet, Supreme Scream – all are open throughout the night! This is super appealing to many people but not me – Knott’s Berry Farm rides are SO SCARY. Like, you will go upside-down and backwards. Beware. I think this part is scarier than the monsters but that’s just me.

Tickets are expensive (averaging around $50 plus fees) but you get a steep discount if you purchase them online ahead of time. With $20 parking and the need for food, it can be an expensive outing. That being said, if you can swing it, the experience is worth every penny. Just make sure you’ve got warm clothes, lots of caffeine and a hand to hold!

Disclosure: This post is not associated with Knott’s Scary Farm or Knott’s Berry Farm in any way. I received no compensation for this post.



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