MOVING – Before!

Boxes on boxes..
Boxes on boxes…

I am so excited to be moving to my new apartment today! Ramsay and I have been living in Downtown for a long time. Our current apartment is so wonderful, and is home to so many great memories. But it’s been clear that we’ve outgrown it for a while. I’m looking forward to having two bedrooms instead of just one, 3 closets, a pool and being closer to work.

So today is our big day! We are moving to a luxury apartment building in Mar Vista. The apartment has been completely renovated, from brand-new hardwood floors to new cabinets, a quartz bar, new stainless steel appliances, a private balcony and more. There is a walk-in closet as well as 2 other closets. The second bedroom will be our home office and gym. There’s also a guest bathroom with vessel sinks!

But before we can enjoy our new home, we first have to move.

...on boxes
…on boxes.

Thanks to my wonderful parents, we got plenty of boxes from Public Storage. We spent an entire day making boxes, packing them, labeling them and sealing them shut. Once the boxes were done, though, there was the problem of where to store them.

Packing is no easy feat! You have to get everything in boxes. It’s best to put like items in the same box to make unpacking easier. But there’s also the problem of the things you need between the time you pack and the day you move. Every day there’s more and more. Laundry, toiletries, dishes (don’t forget the clean dishes in the dishwasher, like we did!).

We rented a UHaul and enlisted a friend, as well as my parents (providing free In n Out is a good way to recruit volunteers for your own moving adventure). With lots of heavy furniture and too many boxes of things, today is sure to be good physical exercise, as well as an exercise in patience and calm.


Wish us luck! Share your own moving success tips (and funny failure stories) in the comments below!



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