OOTD: An LA Yuppie in Fall

Fall is a relative term around here. As I write this post, a sweltering 95 degree day is keeping me inside in a tiny dress with the A/C on high and cold water next to me. So while I love decorating the house for autumn, and trying out all the new pumpkin spice-flavored food this season, I’m not exactly breaking out the sweaters and boots.

That being said, hibiscus flowers, extremely bright colors and summer cuts and trends aren’t exactly appropriate to wear anymore, now that it is officially both October and fall. So what to do when it’s not summer but it sure as hell feels like it??

LA Yuppie in Fall 1

I put together this outfit for a new business meeting at work. I wanted to look professional and like I knew what I was doing, put-together, fashion-forward and season-conscious.

This basic v-neck t-shirt is from H&M. I am OBSESSED with H&M’s basics. They have v-necks, crew-neck t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, crop tops, skirts, tube tops, spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, everything. And all of it is 2 for $10, all the time. That’s right, that’s not a sale price. You can walk right in and get 2 items for just $10 (or 1 item for $5.99). Best yet, I haven’t found a better basic (watch out, Gap). The shirts are so so so soft, well-cut and flattering. They are so comfortable I want to buy more just to sleep in.

I chose this dull blue color for this in-between Indian Summer season we’re in. Blue is a great, happy color that also compliments my eyes. But this is a duller, less bright shade of blue so it’s a good segue into fall (and let’s face it, endless brown, gray and beige gets boring real quick in fall).

LA Yuppie in Fall 3

I paired the t-shirt with a white high-waisted pencil skirt, also from H&M. The skirt is a little tight, so it’s not the comfiest, but it has a flattering fit and a conservative length, making it perfect for work situations.

I wore my favorite brown wedges from Target as an homage to summer. What I love about LA is that it’s summer year-round, and the dull brown color of these wedges make them not-too-inappropriate for fall. I don’t think I’ll be wearing them in winter, but I think they are great for October and November.


But the piece that really ties everything together is this pretty blue patterned scarf from Fashion Rush. I mock people who wear scarves in summer all the time – it’s such an LA thing to do. However, it’s also a really cute (if suffocating) thing to do. I wrapped this thin scarf around my neck as kind of a necklace, so that I wasn’t too warm but I was well-accessorized. Even better, the funky splash print on the scarf meant that I didn’t really need a bracelet or any other jewelry – it kind of spoke for itself.

I felt so pretty and polished wearing this outfit. I’m going to experiment with other colors of t-shirt to compliment my other thin summer scarves and make variations of this outfit! That’s the best part about basics – you can mix and match them into so many different combinations. And if they’re from H&M, you’ll be super-comfy while doing it.



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