OOTD: California Winter

Usually, winter in Southern California is pretty mild. Sure, it gets chilly at night, and you’ll need a jacket and maybe even some pants and boots. But wear a scarf during the day and you’re likely to overheat.

2015-12-03 16.57.41

This outfit is pretty typical of what I wear during the winter here in LA. This navy long-sleeved crop top from Forever 21 may be a crop top, but the cotton is warm and soft.

2015-12-03 16.57.08

I paired it with this maroon miniskirt from H&M’s Basics collection (2 items for $10!). I love how navy and maroon go so well together. You wouldn’t think they do, but the look is so winter-y.

These dark brown ankle booties from Payless emphasize the warm undertones in the navy and maroon.

2015-12-03 16.56.42

But what really makes the outfit “California” is the white Forever 21 scarf. Yes, a scarf with a crop top and a miniskirt. Because, after all, it is still winter.

Sometimes I feel silly in this outfit, and other times I think it’s so fun and funny that this outfit is sufficient in California weather. What do you think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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