I had such an amazing time at CES in January. The Consumer Electronics Show takes place every January in Las Vegas and features the coolest developments in technology available. I didn’t get to go to the showroom floor this year, but I got to attend VRFest, a virtual reality conference and exhibition at the Palms.

2016-02-17 22.36.51

Dressing for CES is fun. There are people wearing everything. There are people from all over the world who work in business and show up in professional attire. People who work in tech wear their usual t-shirt and jeans uniform. Some people really get into the spirit of Vegas and dress more wild and fun. You really can’t go wrong.

2016-02-17 22.36.11

I wanted to err on the side of professionalism, but I also wanted to embrace Vegas flavor. This black and white cotton marbled t-shirt dress from H&M was the perfect find in my pre-conference shopping trip. From afar, the bold pattern looks a bit like animal print, but it’s not. The length is conservative, great for a business trip. It still shows cleavage. The soft fabric is a bit casual but also great for travelling, plane rides, taxi cabs and sitting at panels – it doesn’t wrinkle or stain.

2016-02-17 22.35.23

To up the professional factor, I added a blazer, also from H&M. H&M is an amazing resource for work clothes. Anywhere else, a blazer would set you back a few hundred dollars, or at least one hundred dollars. At H&M, you can find one for $40.

2016-02-17 22.34.48

I paired the outfit with my black suede stiletto ankle booties from Delicious Shoes. These shoes are funky and edgy, perfect for my style and for the bold dress.

2016-02-17 22.34.13

To finish, I kept it classic and conservative with the jewelry and wore a silver Tiffany’s heart necklace and a silver double-band Tiffany’s T&Co ring.

Did you go to CES? What did you wear? Let me know in the comments!

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