OOTD: Champagne Campaign

When I saw this gorgeous navy and white sweaterdress, I just had to have it. The only problem – Where to wear a super-thick, crepe skirt, Uber-warm sweaterdress in Southern California?

Problem solved – France!

During my most recent visit to France, my friend and I booked an excursion to Champagne, a region about 2.5 hours outside Paris, which is the only place in the world where champagne can legally be created, bottled and labeled as champagne. If “champagne” is created anywhere else in the world, it is legally designated “sparkling wine” and cannot be called champagne.

Paris is freezing in the wintertime, and the French countryside is even colder. This warm sweaterdress, paired with thick black opaque tights, black boots and several pairs of socks, kept me nice and warm on our Champagne Campaign. Or maybe that was just the champagne.

Whether you’re in a climate controlled wine cellar, the French countryside or just out running errands, there’s nothing like a cute sweaterdress with an A-line skirt that you can wear tights underneath!

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