OOTD: Getting Cowgirl for Route 91 Harvest Festival!

This weekend, I purchased my very first pair of cowboy boots! I am so stoked. This purchase was a long time coming, but this is a purchase you just can’t rush. With Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas just around the corner, though, I didn’t have much more time to spare. So I made the trek to Boot Barn in Upland with my mom and spent an hour trying on every pair of cowboy boots in my size.

The boots were all beautiful, but most were SO uncomfortable. And, because my feet have recently shrunk from an 8.5 to a 7.5 (typically), most pairs were too big on me and rubbed me in all the wrong places.

Finally, my mom had a brilliant idea: Let’s try the kids section! I tried on a pair of size 5.5 Cody James boots in the children’s section. Surprisingly, they fit like a dream! I have no idea how this works, physically, but I won’t question it. The best part is that these boots only set me back $50, while the women’s pair I was admiring was $189! You know how I love being a #DivaOnABudget, so I am stoked on the deal I got.

Because these boots are cheaper, they contain more manmade materials than real leather, making them easier to break in than cowboy boots typically are. I am starting to wear them now, to break them in, though, before Route 91!

After finding my perfect pair of boots, it was time to find outfits to pair with them. My mom told me about a new store that had just opened in Rancho, called Fashion Q. She said it was a large store of cheaper clothes, similar to my old favorite Rancho boutique Fashion Rush (RIP to the Rancho location). I decided to give it a try.

Immediately in the store window I saw several country/western clothing items. Walking in was like a country dream. They have regular clothes as well, and going-out clothes, but I loved the fall country collection.


I instantly fell in love with this dress. The patchwork quilt pattern is so quintessentially country (even kind of “Little House on the Prairie“). The off-the-shoulder cut is on-trend for fall. The bell sleeves are super fun and very country. And the length is short and fun.


The dress is too wide/flowy for me (even though I know it’s supposed to be like that). To make it fall the way I wanted, I borrowed a brown braided belt from another dress I bought at Fashion Q and belted this quilted dress. Voila! The perfect fit.


Because the gold plates on the front of my boots are very prominent, I’m going to need to stick to all-gold jewelry at Route 91. I chose this long gold leaf necklace from Forever 21 and gold “V” ring, also from Forever 21.


I can’t wait for Route 91! Who will I be seeing there, in all their cowgirl/boy glory? Let me know in the comments!

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