Shameless Foodie: Killer Shrimp

Marina del Rey is a special part of Los Angeles. You have the beach cities of Santa Monica and Venice, which mix the beach with a big-city vibe. The South Bay is a completely different vibe, full of transplants and beach bums. West Hollywood and Beverly Hills are metropolitan, the Arts District and East LA are hipster, and so on.

Marina del Rey is so different from the rest. With several inlets and docks, and thousands of boats, the coastline is different from the other beach cities. Although it’s full of boats, and has some industrial components, there are a lot of really nice (read: expensive) apartments, older retired residents, parks for families and scenic views. It’s so hard to describe.

The best part of Marina del Rey is definitely the view. For some reason, the sunsets just seem prettier here. They have more pink and orange colors, the sky seems cleaner. AND you can view them by the warmth of a heat lamp on a patio overlooking the docks.

One of these restaurants with a view is Killer Shrimp (and adjoining Killer Cafe). I love Killer Shrimp for many reasons (and, being a vegetarian, none of them have to do with shrimp).

For one, the view is amazing. Check it out:


Second, there are two FREE parking lots, a hot and rare commodity in LA.

Third, the food is delicious. Although it’s mostly seafood-based, Killer Shrimp and Killer Cafe offer many other options, some of which are vegetarian-friendly. On my last visit, I ordered the”appetizer” nachos, which could easily feed 5 people, and were so delicious.


Killer Shrimp has a great vibe. I take my mom there, I take my boyfriend there, I’ve had blogger brunches there. Versatile, delicious and a view – what more do you need?

What is your favorite restaurant in Marina del Rey? Let me know in the comments!

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