OOTD: Grown-Up Schoolgirl

There’s nothing cuter or more classic than the traditional ‘schoolgirl? skirt! When you’re young, it’s cute. When it’s Halloween, it’s sexy and more than a little scandalous. But in fashion, it’s actually quite versatile.

Grownup Schoolgirl 4

This brown (faux) leather skirt was just $15 at Forever 21 and I just had to have it. The shade of brown is amazing and goes with everything. The skirt is lined, making it comfortable. It looks more expensive than it is for sure! I also love that the cut is short, but not TOO short, and the flippy cut adds a cute touch.

Grownup Schoolgirl 2

I paired the skirt with this super-soft cotton long-sleeved top from Target Style. Target’s v-necks are second-to-none in comfort, flattering fit and cost. I love that the baby blue goes so well with the camel brown, and how the proportions of the long sleeves fit the short skirt.

Grownup Schoolgirl 3

To further play with proportions, I added brown knee-high boots from Fashion Rush. I love these boots – I feel a little more covered up with the short skirt and tall boots. But more than that, they remind me of knee-high socks, keeping in line with the “schoolgirl” theme.

Grownup Schoolgirl 1

Lastly, to celebrate the fact that I’m wearing this outfit in February when most of the rest of the country is in dozens of layers or snowed in, I added my favorite California state outline necklace from Cents of Style. #ToLiveAndDieInLA!



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